KIDS DENTISTRY [Pediatric dentistry]

An exclusive care and appointment schedule for your young one is designed to provide utmost dental care.

Questions & Answers

Q. When should I plan the first dental visit of my kid?

A. Ideally, you must plan the regular visits of your kids with the dentist starting from the first year [during 6 months to 1 year] of your new born baby.

American Academy of Pediatrics says that children who begin seeing the dentists early in their lives, grow up to have a better attitude about the oral health providers and their own oral health.

You may take caution with your kid's teeth by beginning at an early age at the kids-friendly dental services of Top Notch Dental Clinic.

The overall importance of Oral Health in relation to total health of your kids cannot be over emphasized. Tooth decay can cause-

  • Issues with eating ,speaking, learning
  • Opposite impact on growth and skill development
  • Social skills and behavioral problems
  • Deterioration of the quality of life

Q. Even when my child’s milk teeth are later going to fall, is it necessary to have them treated if they have problems?

A. Yes. Very much essential!

Milk teeth must be kept maintained in good health. The following reasons must be understood by heart to know why-

  • Milk/Deciduous/Temporary teeth are the natural space maintainers for their permanent counterparts. Removing them before their natural age of exfoliation invariably leads to lack of space for the eruption of the permanent teeth and thus making the teeth crowded /mal-aligned or they may erupt at an abnormal location.
  • Under your child’s milk teeth are the tooth buds of the permanent teeth .A terrible infection in milk teeth often leaves a ‘scar-like mark ‘on the permanent teeth called Hypoplastic white spots which signify mineral defect in the enamel of that permanent tooth.
  • Multiple infected milk teeth are often associated with decay in permanent teeth which appear during the first 6-12 years of life. When your child’s mouth is a breed-ground for germs at multiple spots, the immature erupting permanent teeth can be soft targets for germs to harbor in them and cause early deep decays and aggressive permanent tooth loss.
  • Such permanent teeth are often lost within first two decades of life if left untreated or undiscovered. This brings with it an array of other significant dental issues ranging from teeth migration to jaw joint diseases.

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