Are you not happy the way your teeth show when you smile? Orthodontics or braces is one of the best options to consider for bringing that ‘oomph’ factor to your smile .
To add to the comfort and minimize the visibility of your braces, the orthodontics caters to you numerous options.


These are glued to the front surfaces of your teeth and then a wire is made to pass through them, which makes the movement to happen in the predefined position. ‘’An option for those who want to ‘flaunt’ their braces treatment!’’


These are lesser visible yet intriguingly flamboyant. “To flaunt your braces in style, you may also get options for colored elastics to bring attire-matching color to your pink and white mouth!”


These are bonded to the inside [or the tongue-side] of your teeth to keep them invisible to the onlookers. “A completely cosmetic alternative! Get braces treatment without showing them at all!”


A perfect smile achievable without braces by sophisticatedly designed transparent aligners.
-Highest hierarchy of orthodontic tooth correction!
-No wires –No braces –No routine visits
However, we do recommend the in-city patients to see us regularly for hygiene follow-ups. “Go through the transformation without letting the people around know that you are!!”

Questions & Answers

Q. Does the braces treatment cause pain?

A. No, the braces treatment is remarkably a painless treatment. However few people may experience mild discomfort during early tooth movement days. This can be easily taken care of with a pain-killer medication or two.

Q. What is the right age to get braces?

A. There is no ideal age for orthodontic treatment. However, some dental conditions require early intervention before they become too complicated to be handled by surgery. Make an appointment to exclude such a possibility.

Q. I am 35-years old and want to correct my teeth alignment. Am I a suitable candidate for braces treatment?

A. Yes, by all means.
Don’t delay; get your enviable smile today!!

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