It is the much needed dental discipline to care for your gums, teeth and overall oral cavity and surrounding supporting structures to keep them in a healthy and maintainable state.

It keeps cavities, gum problems and enamel loss etc away.

Regular cleaning by yourself and the dental professional is a fundamental part of this specialty.

Questions & Answers

Q. How does Preventive Dentistry benefit me?

A. Good oral hygiene is the basis of prevention of dental problems.

Additionally and significantly, we must know that many degenerative medical problems have been linked directly to poor oral health (Cause & Effect Relationship). Namely:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Respiratory [Lungs] system diseases
  • Cancers
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blood and immunity disorders

Nevertheless a penny spent today towards prevention is more than worth a thousand pennies spent in the extensive treatment tomorrow.

Tooth brushing and flossing are the daily self-help tools which form the foundation of your Good Oral Health.

Yet, a few nooks and sectors of the teeth and gums are at a regular threat due to difficulty in cleaning or due to an innate weakness in structural formation. Plus, they may be completely invisible to your untrained eyes. These zones must be repeatedly visited and corrected through dental professionals‘ help .

On a routine oral prophylaxis visit, your dentist would:

  • Clean away the plaque build up.
  • Mechanically detach the tough tartar formations.
  • Decrease the surface roughness to keep it easy to maintain and prevent plaque / tartar accumulation.
  • Eliminate the stains

Q. Why do I need regular dental check–ups?

A. Regular dental check-ups –

  • Identify existing oral health issues
  • Arrest bigger problems in the making and while they are still in the early stages.
  • Discern changes occurring in the teeth, gums, forces of biting, at the right time when they are reversible or at least manageable. Examples of such ailments include swelling in gums. recession or loss of gums, dental decay, offending wisdom teeth, impacted [or failure of eruption ] teeth, chipping or break down of enamel, occlusal forces cascade [responsible for a dental hazard called 'destroyed dentition'] and oral cancer.

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Based on your dental needs, a specific dental prevention program is designed by our team.

This is a highly recommended Oral Health Program to keep your mouth preserved and to shield it from pain. It includes

  • Anti Cavity Regimen
  • Gum Strengthening and Nourishment.
  • Enamel Protection and Reinforcement.
  • Diet Counseling.


"All Cavities Are One Hundred Percent Preventable !"

"Most Gum Diseases can be Intercepted from becoming Progressive and Irreversible !!"

"Road from Minimum Intervention to Highly Invasive Procedures has many ‘U’ turns if you take regular stops for Dental Visits !!!"

"Delaying a current dental issue would only further amplify the damaged tissue !!!!’"’