Very thin shells or covers are designed to be pasted over your original teeth to bequeath them the aspired color, form, size , texture or shape.

They may be as thin as contact lens but highly durable with life-like innovation.

Questions & Answers

Q. When should I go for veneers?

A. If answer to any of the following questions is a 'yes', Dental Laminates or Dental Veneers is what you must ask for - Ask us for more information.

  • Do you feel like redefining or rejuvenating your smile?
  • Are you unhappy with the color of a single tooth or a couple of teeth?
  • Do you want to close that unsightly gap between your teeth?
  • Don't you like the shape of your teeth?
  • Is it true that your teeth have a rough or not so well polished texture?
  • Is a particular tooth twisted in its position or unattractively jutting out of the line of the other teeth?
  • Do you relish the idea of possessing that "smile to envy" or the 'Hollywood smile'?
  • Either of your teeth are too small/too long/differently colored or disagreeably discolored/ stand taller than the rest /worn out/chipped out'?
  • Are you seeking more permanent solutions with minimum to no cutting of your tooth structure?

Q. How many appointments are needed for veneers?

A. Generally, veneering process needs 1-3 appointments with little to no anesthesia, the procedure being largely pain-free!

Routine care with brushing, flossing & regular dental check-ups for maintenance is all what is required to preserve your veneers.

They can completely change the way your teeth & your smile look like!

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